A coffee with…John Bullough


A coffee with… John Bullough


We caught up with Infrastructure Engineer John Bullough to find out more about life at LIMA and a certain White Collar Boxing match in December…


John, tell us a bit about your time at LIMA.


I was working as a contractor before joining LIMA, which meant I was away during the week – not ideal with a young family. I wanted something more stable and closer to home, but that still offered the variety and excitement of contracting, so when I found out about the role at LIMA and the type of projects I’d be involved in, I knew it was where I wanted to be.

From the moment I walked through the door, I was overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was. Coming from a contracting background, you’re just expected to do the work and leave, so it’s lot nicer when you know people care about you. I received my first work Easter egg at LIMA!

What does an average day look like?

I’m currently in the middle of a Citrix refresh project for a large legal client, which involves working closely with our solutions team and the customer. It’s a great project to be part of because this version of Citrix will enable our customer to better meet their business needs by providing anywhere, anytime access and I’ve relished the part I’ve played in making this happen.

What qualities go into making a great infrastructure engineer? 

It’s an extremely fast-paced environment that requires excellent organisational skills and the foresight to plan for what might be coming down the line. You obviously need a keen eye for detail and possess analytical skills too. That being said, you need softer skills to be able to deal with customers in the best way. I like meeting and working with new people and that's stood me in good stead throughout my career. No matter what’s happening, I always try to remain upbeat and try to talk with a smile – even on the phone – as it really makes a difference.

What’s life like outside of work?

With three children living at home - the youngest just six months old – I’ve got quite a lot on my plate! It’s amazing to see my family throughout the week, compared to when I was working away contracting and I’ve loved being able to help my wife Sam with the parenting duties. In fact, since working at LIMA, I’ve become a lot closer to my three-year-old son because I see so much more of him and get to put him to bed and read him a story every night. The current favourite is Thomas the Tank Engine – I could probably name every character! As busy as I am at home, I’ve still found the time to sign up for a White Collar Boxing match in December…


You’ve signed up for what?!

Yes! I wanted to get fit and do something for charity so I’m taking on the White Collar Boxing challenge. I get eight weeks of professional training before the fight on 10th December at Macron Stadium in Bolton, but I’ve started my training early. Our Director Lisa put me in touch with a friend of hers who runs a boxing gym and I’ve started going there to get prepared. I wanted to raise money for charity and this really struck a chord with me as the proceeds go to Cancer Research, a cause that’s incredibly important to my family and I. As well as Lisa sorting me out with some training, LIMA has been really supportive and the team will be cheering me on from one of the tables on the night!

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to read more about John’s White Collar Boxing training and why the cause is so important to him.