A coffee with…Ryan Ratcliffe


A coffee with… Ryan Ratcliffe


LIMA’s Head of Sales, Ryan Ratcliffe, joins us to discuss his time at LIMA, what makes our sales team so great and life outside of work…


Ryan, tell us about your time with LIMA so far.


I started working at LIMA over five years ago in the role of new business account manager. It was the company’s consultative approach and strong partnership with NetApp, who were rapidly on their way to becoming a tier one vendor at the time, that made LIMA the perfect fit for me. Since then, I’ve progressed through the business from internal and external account management into the role of Account Director and through to my recent appointment as Head of Sales.

To use a cliché term, “knowledge is power” in our industry, and I believe that my success at LIMA is largely down my tenacious nature to understand all aspects of what I do, whether that’s the current competitive landscape or the business outcomes of a project for the organisation we’re engaging with. I hope to use this insight to continue mentoring the sales team into the future.

What sets the LIMA sales team apart from the competition?

First and foremost, we’re technically-driven. Other sales teams can be solely focused on commercial outcomes, we’re dedicated to implementing the right technology to deliver real commercial value. We also forge excellent partnerships and work closely with clients to develop long-term strategies, as opposed to operating on a project-by-project basis.

How has the technology requirement changed for businesses over the years?

In the past, technology was viewed as a facilitator for day-to-day business operations, whereas today businesses want to see how technology can transform their operations. Our engagement methodology allows us to work closely with clients to help demonstrate that technology is a conduit to helping streamline efficiencies and processes, enabling them stand out from the competition and give them a faster route to market.

What’s the LIMA vision for the future?

LIMA is constantly investing in the business and we plan to increase investment over the next three years to ensure growth in line with our targets. Part of this investment includes developing the technical capabilities of our team, so we can keep delivering the latest and most innovative solutions, whether that’s multi-cloud or hyperscaler cloud environments.

Delivering an excellent service is key for LIMA, which is why we’ve recently redefined our service offerings to provide a true managed service allowing our clients to redeploy skills to business focused activities such as increasing performance and innovation for business critical applications and projects.

What are your interests outside of work?

I’m an avid golfer and used to play after work at least three times a week, but my new role as LIMA’s Head of Sales demands a lot of this time, so I might have to stick to corporate golf days from now on! Also, as a Manchester United season ticket holder, I try to get to as many games as possible. I recently got married, so hope children might be on the horizon in the next couple of years…

Recommend me a book.

I was recommended The Chimp Paradox (by Prof Steve Peters) and immediately decided it wasn’t for me, however, it turns out it was written for someone exactly like me! At LIMA, we use DiSC behaviour assessments to help us communicate more effectively with one another. Given my DiSC colour scheme and personality, The Chimp Paradox, which is literally about that chimp on your shoulder that has an immediate emotional reaction when it hears something, it was a great tool to help manage emotional responses. Essentially, it’s about managing your emotions and conquering knee-jerk emotional responses with mindfulness. It’s very good and I highly recommend it.