The three driving forces behind all-flash


The three driving forces behind all-flash

Why is all-flash adoption growing so fast?


It’s mainly down to the simplicity all-flash provides businesses in eliminating concerns surrounding performance. However, it’s important that IT professionals look for the complete all-flash package that is both scalable and intelligent in the provisioning of performance so that it meets both current and future demands.

The team at LIMA, in partnership with NetApp, take a look at the three key driving forces of all-flash technology adoption in today’s businesses.  


Opportunity to gain complete business advantage

Consolidating workloads onto all-flash storage delivers a range of additional business benefits including improved performance across all applications, faster development cycles, accelerated time to market and more timely access to data. These are all drivers of digital transformation, allowing organisations to improve customer experiences, enhance mobility, create new business models and leverage big data analytics.


Ability to reduce IT complexity

IT departments need to eliminate the silos of legacy data centres to streamline operations. All-Flash arrays are much simpler to deploy and manage and, unlike HDDs, they easily support mixed-workload environments. Enterprise-grade all-flash arrays simplify deployments, provide IT teams with a single pane of glass for storage management and pave the way for software-defined architectures.


Falling flash storage prices

IDC research shows that the effective cost per gigabyte of flash storage is already below that of legacy hard disk drives (HDDs). In fact, more than 30% of IT decision makers cite reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) as one of the primary benefits of using an all-flash array. This is a breakthrough and paradigm shift in how IT leaders perceive and evaluate all-flash storage.


Want to find out more about all-flash technology?

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