The union of customer and the IT service provider


The union of customer and the IT service provider

Rob Skarratt, LIMA's Service Delivery Manager, talks about the importance of IT service providers and customers establishing a partnership to ensure success. 


As the world increasingly moves towards on-demand services, businesses are leveraging external resources to deliver IT services that will eliminate key person dependencies, while utilising best-of-breed technology and the expertise of a wider IT team.

However, this union of customer and IT service provider can only deliver real results if both parties are aligned, which involves establishing clear lines of communication from day one. Service providers must gain an understanding of a customer’s operations and processes, which requires the customer granting insight into the inner workings of the business and being open about the real impact of IT-related issues. It’s only through the customer providing this visibility and the service provider putting in the ground work to develop a true understanding of the business, that the best service and the right results, can be delivered.

It’s not just a present day snapshot of the business that a service provider needs to gain an understanding of. With an increasing number of businesses looking for scalable solutions to accommodate future growth, providers must engage in strategic discussions about the true medium- and long-term strategy of the business. An example is LIMA working closely with our customers to identify where the business needs to be in five years before working backwards to the present day in order to establish the right solutions that will deliver on the short- and long-term business needs.

While some businesses with their own internal IT team may be initially wary of engaging an external service provider, working with one that complements their established team can in fact deliver multiple benefits for the business. By taking a collaborative approach, not only is the IT team able to tap into a wealth of expertise and gain knowledge on industry best practices, but outsourcing certain aspects of IT will free up the IT team to focus on those business critical projects that add to the bottom line.  

At LIMA, we pride ourselves on developing in-depth and long-standing relationships with our customers to ensure our services always provide value for money against deliverables and offer continued business case justification.

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