ProActive vs ReActive IT support: Which is best for you?


ProActive vs ReActive IT support:
Which is best for you?


With technology enabling employees to work more efficiently, whether that’s on the road or outside office hours, the need for 24/7 access and availability is more important than ever.

At the same time, in-house IT skills can prove expensive and difficult to obtain, so organisations are increasingly looking externally for additional resource to support their infrastructure.

With a growing number of support providers out there, where do you start when it comes to finding support that ticks all of the right boxes while still complementing your existing skill-set?

There are two main types of support: Proactive and Reactive.  Both include taking steps to resolve and/or avoid technical issues, with some also able to monitor infrastructure and even assist with change management.

What’s the difference?

No matter how skilled your in-house team, sometimes you need someone you trust to help you. Reactive support involves identifying and enlisting the help of a support partner to solve a technical issue once it’s happened. Designed for organisations requiring an additional level of support to supplement in-house IT skills, LIMA’s ReActive support can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation, whether you simply want to pick up the phone for advice when there’s a problem or want to be alerted to issues and require hands-on help from our ITIL-based service team to solve them.  

Proactive support provides complete 24/7 support and sees external IT experts constantly monitor your systems, detecting potential threats and failures and fixing any issues before they impact your organisation. LIMA’s ProActive support has been designed to enable our customers to concentrate on more strategic tasks while our ITIL-based support experts ensure all systems are running smoothly to reduce the risk of downtime.



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