6 key benefits of release management


6 Key Benefits of Release Management


Ensuring the systems powering your organisation run in the most effective and efficient manner takes a lot of hard work, dedication and an investment of both time and money. A key element of this is ensuring good release management practices are incorporated so your software is up-to-date and running as efficiently and effectively as possible while ensuring that you are making use of the latest feature enhancements and capabilities.

Organisations that take release management as an internal responsibility can face several challenges  including a lack of time for IT personnel to establish an all-encompassing release cycle, the ability to validate releases before applying updates to production systems and the understanding of release updates on interoperability.

As organisations rely on their technology more than ever before, many are turning to external IT support service experts who can provide this service. Not only does this option provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house release management, it offers a multitude of benefits including:

2.       Keeping you agile

By ensuring systems are always kept up-to-date, your organisation is actively responding to new and emerging needs and competitive threats as they arise.

1.       Speed to efficiency

Because updates are deployed immediately, users are able to realise all of the benefits of these changes straight away.

4.       Mitigate risk

Providing real-time visibility into enterprise-wide release status enables stakeholders to pinpoint the root cause of potential release failure and mitigate them quickly.

3.       Increased productivity

Achieved through the creation and enforcement of standard and best practices across the release process while unlocking new features and capabilities for hardware and software components.

5.       Added security

With the threat of cyber-attack an ongoing concern, it’s vital that organisations keep all applications up to date with patches that add extra layers of security regularly and expected to be implemented with urgency.

6.       Pre validation

Maintenance of a safe harbour release management and versioning where updates and patches are tested and validated before production roll out ensuring interoperability and system stability are maintained.

Release management is included in LIMA’s ProActive fully managed support service and available as an optional extra with our ReActive IT support. For more information on LIMA’s Active services, head to our dedicated page or contact our team today.