Benefits of change management


Benefits of change management


There’s little doubt that change is one of the most challenging things for an organisation to achieve, especially if they don’t have the correct change management processes in place. But is it really worth setting up or investing in a change management function? The truth is that without well-defined change management process, a change is likely  to fail, causing disruption to services so investing in this area of business is invaluable.

Not convinced? A change management process that’s based on ITIL can not only speed up change implementation significantly but offers a multitude of additional benefits including:

Everyone on the same page

Effective change management means your IT services will always remain aligned to your key business requirements.

Improved risk assessment

During change management processes, possible risks are analysed in greater detail providing total visibility and peace of mind that all circumstances are covered with solutions provided. 

Minimising interruptions to service

A managed approach to change reduces any adverse impact that changes might have on the quality of the service you provide for your customers.

Cost visibility

With a clear plan for change in place that’s managed properly, you’re able to fully assess the cost of these changes before they incur. 

Improved employee efficiency

Working in a streamlined and controlled change environment, where everyone understands the process as well as their own responsibilities, means employees deal with less disruption and therefore work more efficiently.

With LIMA’s ProActive fully managed support service you will have access to our Change Advisory Board (CAB) for end-to-end management of your change processes for complete visibility and peace of mind. Our ReActive IT support customers also have access to CAB to gain key insights and guidance on change they’re looking to introduce to their business.

For more information on LIMA’s Active services, head to our dedicated page or contact our team today.