How to raise the perfect support request ticket


How to raise the perfect support request ticket


LIMA ProActive and ReActive support services are designed to provide an escalation response to incidents and problems to ensure a rapid restoration of service.  The more useful information you provide, the better equipped we will be to respond efficiently to get your incident resolved.  Here’s a guide to the information we need for the perfect support request ticket:



  • Provide us with a succinct incident title for easy reference

  • Let us know where possible which product/ technology you think is affected. Pointing us in the right direction initially helps to ensure that we have directed your ticket to the right team within the Service Desk

  • Provide all the information you have to illustrate and pinpoint the specific problem – screen shots, IP Addresses, any error messages or error codes for example

  • Let us know what the impact is to your business – who is it affecting and what is the incident preventing you from doing? This helps us to categorise it to the right priority level to ensure that you receive the appropriate response. Remember that if you believe you are dealing with major system or service outage, you should phone us rather than raising a ticket electronically

  • Let us know what happened before the incident occurred – if it’s possible that your incident is the result of a change to your environment or an impact of third party work, it helps us to know what’s happening within your environment that is outside of our control

  • Is this the first time this incident has occurred? If there’s a history or a pattern emerging, please let us know about it


The LIMA Portal lays out all the questions we need you to answer when you raise a ticket to help you.  Please speak to the Service Desk if you require a login but do not yet have one.

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