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Home Grown Talent

Growing our own talented team has long been a LIMA strategy for sustained success.  As we’ve grown, so too have the roles of many of the great people we have at LIMA.

Recruiting apprentices is key to this strategy as we bring young talent into the business.  At the early stages of a career in IT, there are many avenues to development by specialising in applications, networks, infrastructure or cloud services.  The beauty of LIMA’s Service Desk is the access the team has to experience across these different specialisms where learning from more experienced engineers and consultants is available every day.  Here at LIMA we schedule time weekly for an open Q&A and knowledge transfers between senior and junior engineers.

We're not just about technical skills, though - the Service Desk roles develop soft skills too.  Customer service, team work and time management are all transferable skills that employers value but their importance can be underestimated in the pursuit of technical accreditation.

Here’s David’s account of his career so far at LIMA:

"Starting at LIMA over 11 years ago, I was a Level 1 support engineer. I had some skills that were very much self-taught through my previous experience as an IT engineer. I soon realised that moving into an MSP from an in-house IT structure was a big change. I needed to have a wider knowledge base to cover the different technologies our customers had.

To improve, I had various learning tracks such as text books, training courses, internal knowledge transfer, shadowing and mentoring to help gain experience of working a problem to its solution whilst becoming accredited/certified. This experience also allowed me to specialise in specific technologies such as Microsoft Exchange.

I progressed through positions on the support desk until the Solutions team was formed. This team was created from the experience and skills that the external engineers had gained whilst working at LIMA.  I’m proud to say that I am now a Principal Consultant in the Microsoft Solutions Practice and I am able to work with new and challenging technologies on each engagement."


We also asked two of our apprentices to briefly describe what it’s like to work on the LIMA Service Desk:

We are currently recruiting apprentices into our Service Desk team.  Click here for further information.