Return On Investment of SD-WAN


Many organisations will be looking at SD-WAN in the hope of cutting costs on their existing MPLS connectivity.  

As we mentioned in our earlier post, SD-WAN isn’t the perfect solution for everyone and the cost efficiencies that some organisations see might potentially be unachievable to others.  The ROI drivers aren’t all to do with financial gain though, and the financial aspects should be balanced against gains in flexibility, performance and security.

SD-WAN for improved flexibility

Change management is crucial in LIMA's world of Managed Service provision and we have rigorous processes in place to ensure that no changes have a negative impact on service availability.  This is a great thing in terms of control – and something we urge our customers to engage with if they’re making their own changes rather than using us - but can get in the way of rapid response to variations in business need. 

SD-WAN solutions are comprised of software that offers centralised control over the network. Along with this control is complete visibility into network resources and automation of many tasks, including maintenance, upgrades, configuration changes and more. SD-WAN technology also delivers ‘one touch’ provisioning, making the configuration and deployment of a remote business site extremely fast and simple.

The use of broadband internet capacity also means that additional capacity can be added quickly without the long lead times associated with MPLS projects.

SD-WAN for improved application performance

Application performance is key to employee productivity and therefore has a real monetary value.  In the era of business critical apps being consumed though a software as a service model, connectivity is… well it’s also business critical!

Improving application performance isn’t always about increasing capacity, which is a good thing, because increasing the capacity of your MPLS is an expensive undertaking.  Instead it’s about ensuring that the right traffic is sent through the optimal network link dynamically based on traffic prioritisation, type , location, etc.  SD-WAN enables the use of affordable network links while ensuring quality of service and consistent application performance for cloud and distributed enterprise applications.

SD-WAN for improved branch security

As IT users become dispersed, so too do IT security vulnerabilities.  SD-WAN solutions enable branch access directly to the internet which is great for access you do want, like your SaaS apps, but also means that branches are also directly vulnerable to a whole range of security threats.  

SD-WAN solutions provides virtualisation of the network links enabling the integration of security functions and network virtualisation. Thus, SD-WAN can deliver seamless security across branch offices in a way that is simply managed. This allows virtualised network and security functions to migrate away from hardware solutions to their virtualised software-based equivalents, improving security integrity across all locations. 

Enterprise SD-WAN solutions provide WAN intelligence along with branch security delivering a converged network and security offering.

Could SD-WAN offer benefits to your organisation?

Call your Account Manager on 0345 345 1110 to claim your free assessment to find out whether your organisation could benefit from SD-WAN.  We will spend time understanding your objectives and current challenges before making our recommendations about which SD-WAN solution, if any, could bring benefits to your organisation. 

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