Make sure your IT investments keep delivering


Make sure your IT investments keep delivering

When it comes to big capital investments in IT, there is generally extreme scrutiny involving POCs, checks, measures and levels of approval to ensure that there is a corresponding boost to business outcomes which will ultimately justify the cash being spent.

What often happens after that is all that attention moves to the next project and the shiny new solution becomes part of “business as usual” with appropriate management and maintenance in place to make sure that it keeps on doing what it was bought to do.

What doesn’t often happen, though, is a regular evaluation of whether “business as usual” is still “usual”.  Organisations change, priorities and goals change and over the traditional three year lifespan (minimum) of an IT infrastructure investment, that can mean that the technical requirements have also changed a lot, ultimately leading to the technology no longer meeting the needs of the organisation.


Looking after customers
long term

LIMA may be perceived as a technology provider, but our four cornered methodology – LEARN, IMPLEMENT, MANAGE, ASSESS - highlights that a significant portion of our business is focused on ensuring that the projects we implement keep delivering business value after project sign off. 

For many customers, we provide ongoing managed services to maintain complex infrastructure and ensure it’s optimised, patched and running well. 

The fourth step goes beyond management and allows us to assess the whole environment in the context of current commercial and technical priorities, looking down the roadmap to check that the current route is still the right one.


Making better use of
existing technologies

The interdependencies of technologies can be complex – changing one system over here can alter the outcomes of another system over there – so undertaking a thorough review requires specialist analytical skills and tools.  Keeping track of those dependencies, understanding utilisation, optimising different platforms for different workloads and generally getting the most out of what has already been invested in is the remit of LIMA Assessment Services.

Creating incremental efficiencies and improving return on investment from existing technology can free up cash to go straight back into the investment in the IT team as a whole whether that be extra staff, up-skilling and training of existing staff or potentially even some new kit to meet the organisation’s current expectations.

With cost management being such a significant part of any IT director’s responsibility, the knowledge gathered from the assessment process is invaluable.  Our report will document the good the bad and, sometimes, the ugly.   It will provide insight into where you should be looking for the future, ensuring you are forewarned and forearmed when debating future investments with the Board and any other stakeholders.

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