The importance of health checks for your IT


The importance of health checks for your IT

Improving business outcomes and managing costs – the balancing act that IT departments of all shapes and sizes have been struggling with for years. 

Organisations large and small rely on their IT infrastructure to enable them to run the operations that generate their income, so outages are at best disruptive and at worst actually cost money.  Unfortunately, most IT solutions contain a lot of different technologies making them complex to manage and difficult to maintain, so keeping them operational is a real challenge with a limited resource pool and training budget for the in-house team.

On a smaller, domestic scale, we all go through the same process when we buy a car. None of us would expect a car to continue working indefinitely without a bit of TLC, though, and very few of us could actually service our own car.  Instead, we employ a skilled and trained mechanic to run through a huge list of checks on the vehicle to ensure that everything is ship-shape, minimising the chance of it breaking down.

In the same way, LIMA don’t just implement a system for our customers and walk away – instead we offer a range of ongoing support and managed services – the main dealership car service equivalent to the do-it-yourself car maintenance.  We operate to ITIL standards, within guaranteed SLAs to ensure that regular checks, updates and firmware releases and performed on our customers’ IT infrastructure to minimise risk of disruption or failure.

While some of our customers do have the skills internally to manage the mission critical systems and applications on which they run their business, there are others for whom it simply isn’t financially or logistically viable to cover the requirements internally.  There’s even a group of customers who have found that it’s a far better use of their skills to focus internal resources on development work that will bring long term business growth and let us carry the maintenance workload in the background.

That’s why we offer a range of services from business hours 4th line problem escalation to 24x7 proactive maintenance.  Each of our customers is different, but in this video, you can hear from Ged Chadwick, Partner and Director of IT and Communications, JMW Solicitors LLP about the benefits his team have seen from LIMA’s managed services.

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