A coffee with... Antoine Goodwin


A coffee with…Antoine Goodwin

We are delighted to introduce Antoine Goodwin, Head of Service Desk.  We’ve asked him to tell us a little bit about himself, his career history and his aspirations for the Service Desk here at LIMA.


I started my working life as a soldier in the French Army and then spent the next 20-ish years zig zagging through operational roles ranging from Sales, Customer Service and IT working in financial, telecommunications and MSP environments. I have worked all over Europe but seem to always come back to my second home of Manchester – It must be the weather!

I feel my experience working at the hardened front line of 1st – 3rd line support through to Service Desk & Service Delivery Management and Sales has provided me with a great overview of the customer journey which then helps me in tailoring the team to deliver an exceptional level of service.

I have a passion for customer service, whether I am delivering it or I am the customer receiving it; companies that provide me with a world class service will always win my business.  Knowing that your issue or query will be dealt with seamlessly and hassle free far out-weighs a price difference in my book, so I instill the customer journey into everything I do.

I am pretty hands on when it comes to technology. You can hand me a new piece of tech and within 24 hours I’ll be able to tell how it works, how I broke it, how I fixed it and how it would be used. I think I might have overplayed with Lego as a kid!  I’m sure my team don’t mind me sticking my nose in and offering the occasional “pearl” of wisdom…

Why management?

You can’t beat the feeling of seeing someone develop, to find that spark within them and turn that into ambition. Helping each person identify what their goals are then empowering them to achieve them is the ultimate reason I chose this path.


LIMA has the hunger and the appetite to become world class. The team here is not averse to change and embrace new technology freely. The opportunity to grow here is limitless and the support structure in place is second to none.

Outside of work

I’m a ginger French mancunian.  It’s great being unique!  I happily admit that I am a geek and a huge console gamer. Being French I love everything to do with cooking and wine with a penchant to making the best Mexican food in Manchester. When I’m not supporting the mighty Manchester United I can be found shouting at the McLaren racing team while watching Formula 1.