Government Framework Agreements

Looking for an IT supplier with Government Framework Agreements in place? Look no further

LIMA is a qualified Crown Commercial Supplier, so you can work with us tender-free, enjoying a tailored, personal approach plus the reassurance of pre-agreed SLAs and exceptional value for money.

As a Crown Commercial Supplier, LIMA can guide you through the procurement process to achieve transacting in a faster, cost effective and compliant manner.

LIMA’s Government Framework Agreements

We can tailor technology to your specific needs and challenges across three framework areas:

G Cloud 9

(RM1557ix) – For Cloud Hosting (Lot 1) and Support Services (Lot 3), we support the Government’s Cloud First Policy through exploring cost saving via Cloud Technology.

Technology Products 2

(RM3733) – For off the shelf Hardware and Software needs, we offer over half a million stocked items that can be directly quoted and purchased via the Crown Commercial Purchasing Platform on Lot 6 of the framework.

Digital Outcomes & Specialists 2

(RM1043iii) – For access to our award winning specialists to assist in scoping your IT projects, log in to Digital Marketplace and state your requirements and timescales.

Pre-Approved – no need to tender

LIMA is amongst a limited number of IT service partners who have achieved pan-Government accreditation, across multiple frameworks – for skill-based architects, hardware and software sales, cloud solutions and a broad range of security, monitoring and support offerings.

If you’re looking to engage with an IT provider for your public sector organisation, then this is positive news, providing you with the reassurance that the quality of our solutions, services, and the scope of our experience has been approved, in advance of your engagement with us. What’s more, you can work with us immediately, making it extremely convenient, incurring no loss of time or a costly tendering process.

What else can LIMA offer?

Tell us your challenges – and ambitions – and we’ll tailor technology to your organisation’s needs. For us, it’s about solving problems. Enhancing performance. Removing barriers. Delivering our expert service to enable you to focus on delivering public services.

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