A coffee with…Chantal Hannell


A coffee with… Chantal Hannell


LIMA’s Head of Service Desk, Chantal Hannell, joins us for a chat about her role at LIMA and what life’s like outside of work…


Chantal Hannell - Head of Service Desk

Chantal, tell us about your role at LIMA and how you got here?

As LIMA’s Head of Service Desk, I’m responsible for the technicians who resolve IT incidents and business as usual issues for our clients. Before joining LIMA, I enjoyed a varied career which has provided me with the necessary skills to manage a busy service desk, from the ability to think on my feet and tackle issues head on, through to the coaching skills I need to really bring out the best in my team.

What qualities make up a great service desk team?

There are two sides to a service desk role. You obviously need technical knowledge, which can be acquired through training and experience, but it’s as equally important to be able to apply empathy towards clients. Overall, we need to be responsive and sympathetic to what’s going on in our customers’ businesses and adapt our service to reflect this. We must always remember that we provide a service where a human approach is just as important as a technical one.  

What are the top priorities of clients in 2018?

Responsiveness has become more and more important for our clients, due to a greater dependency on technology for the day-to-day running of their businesses. For the service desk, it means constantly improving our response rates and being more proactive to help us predict what could go wrong and then doing everything we can to mitigate against it. Over the last few months, the LIMA Service Desk team has halved its response time, which is an amazing achievement. We’ve done this by working in collaboration so that the desk operates as a single and stronger entity to benefit the customer. 


Tell us a bit about life outside of LIMA?

Home life is fairly chaotic! I’m a single parent to three daughters – Tilly, who’s 12 and my ten-year-old twins Cassie and Florence – which can be challenging at times, but equally brilliant and fantastic. I moved to a new house earlier in the year and I’m unfortunately still surrounded by boxes!

During my morning commute, my head is full of things that I need to do in my home life, but by the time I’m heading home I’m thinking about everything I have to do at work! I usually get up at about 5:15am every morning in a bid to tackle a very long list of things to do for both home and work.

Recommend me a book.

Lonely Planet Pocket Barcelona. I spent the weekend in Barcelona enjoying some Christmas shopping- take out, tapas and Sangria. I try to take a city break every December to buy some more unusual Christmas presents and find a little bit of calm before the chaos of the season. This year was Barcelona, which was considerably warmer than here!

What’s new at LIMA?

For a limited time only, we’re offering our ASSESS service for FREE for customers who sign up for our ProActive Premium Managed Support for 36 months. You can find out more by visiting our ProActive support page and signing up today.

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