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Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s mission is to provide excellent care with compassion.

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s mission is to provide excellent care with compassion. The Trust has three strategic aims – to provide outstanding healthcare to its local communities, to offer a range of specialised services to patients in Lancashire and South Cumbria, and to drive innovation through world-class education, training and research.

LIMA + Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust = Support for today, strategy for tomorrow

The LIMA team has become more of an extension of the Trust than a service provider. Not only has LIMA delivered 24/7 support and monitoring for our critical infrastructure, they’ve helped us to develop a robust storage strategy and provided access to key insights and best practices from other public sector organisations.
— Saeed Umar, Head of Technical Services

Results at a glance

24/7 hands-on infrastructure support

System monitoring for complete performance and capacity management insight

Development of a long-term storage strategy

Access to key market intelligence and industry best practice

Regular Isolated DR and Failover Capability testing to ensure continuity of service for the Trust in the event of infrastructure outage

Delivering our Four-Cornered Methodology


Identifying aspirations and challenges

First and foremost, the Trust was looking for a new support provider to ensure high-quality maintenance of its critical storage infrastructure, while also enabling complete visibility and control of its systems.

Following a thorough health check, LIMA gained an in-depth insight into the Trust’s existing infrastructure which allowed us to recommend the ideal support solutions. Additionally, with the Trust operating on NetApp infrastructure, LIMA, as a Tier 1 NetApp partner, was well-placed to implement the necessary support.

LIMA also brought industry best practice to the table and worked in collaboration with the IT team to develop a robust storage strategy that incorporated the Trust’s critical applications.

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Shaping the ideal storage solutions and strategy

By working closely with the Trust, we were able to identify key areas of concern surrounding its infrastructure, as well as develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities the team were facing. Through this process we could tailor our ReActive Respond support service to the Trust and allocate the best team for the project.

Complementing the Trust’s own IT Service Delivery team, LIMA provided our Reactive Respond Service around the NetApp MetroCluster platform to deliver high availability storage and disaster recovery. The MetroCluster also ensured zero data loss, so in the event of any of the Trust’s infrastructure going down, it automatically failed over to another data centre.

Additionally, we implemented PULSE Respond Monitoring, allowing the team to oversee the NetApp environment and troubleshoot any non-critical issues.

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Adding value to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Since onboarding, LIMA has performed regular health and security checks, as well as test failovers in the event of a significant outage.

Additionally, through working in partnership with LIMA, the Trust has been given access to our exclusive NetApp technology workshops, which enable the team to engage directly with NetApp to gain key insights into what’s new in the market and how the latest technology could integrate into their organisation.

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Being part of the bigger picture

LIMA has been able to engage with the wider Trust IT team to assist with its future technology strategy into 2019 and beyond, which includes plans to rationalise storage and incorporate cloud services that will continue driving efficiency within the Trust.

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