Rinus Roofing Supplies


Established in 2007, Rinus Roofing Supplies provides roofing goods to roofing contractors and builders across the UK.

With a £40+ million turnover and 100 employees across 19 locations (soon to be 21), Rinus has experienced significant growth across all aspects of the UK housing market. The company partnered with LIMA in 2016 following increased demand for an IT partner able to provide the guidance and support Rinus needed to harness the power of technology as a growth enabler.

LIMA + Rinus Roofing Supplies = Empowerment through knowledge

Moving away from our previous supplier was a big decision and a real step into the unknown for Rinus. However, the LIMA team, with their technical knowledge and down-to-earth approach, really helped us manage this change. LIMA has continued to exceed expectations by implementing the right technology for our business.
— Ian Leigh, Managing Director, Rinus Roofing

Results at a glance

Increased knowledge of IT systems and how they can support growth

Updated infrastructure hosted in external data centre

Delivering our Four-Cornered Methodology


Discovering aspirations and challenges

Rinus Roofing’s progress led to the company outgrowing its IT systems, which comprised of three physical servers that were supporting 100 users across 19 sites. This continuous growth caused inevitable strain on the company’s infrastructure and back-up solutions.

Rinus also wanted to develop a greater understanding of IT and how technology could support and lead business growth. The company needed an IT partner that was able to look into what they actually needed in both the short- and long-term, and more importantly, one that was able to communicate this in a manner that would enable them to make more informed decisions.

Rinus Roofing Supplies key challenges

  • Required guidance on managing growth in terms of the right immediate and future IT requirements, as well as how to benchmark against other IT providers

  • Business growth placing a strain on infrastructure 

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Identifying the right technology

Rinus Roofing selected LIMA as its IT partner after our team was able to demonstrate the business benefits of an improved infrastructure in a manner that was completely transparent and jargon-free.

LIMA migrated Rinus’ existing system onto a new hardware platform and located the kit into LIMA’s external data centre, which was all achieved with zero disruption and downtime to the business. The new solution immediately improved the disaster recovery, so that in the unlikely event of a system failure, they are able to be business as usual more quickly in comparison to the previous physical server environment.

Tech spec: NetApp, HP and VMWare - PULSE Monitoring - LIMA ProActive Managed Service

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Supporting businesses as they grow

With limited internal IT resource, Rinus knew its improved infrastructure required a managed support service to ensure the smooth running of its systems and help eliminate downtime. LIMA’s managed service means our team can manage the company’s infrastructure, taking care of all maintenance and upgrades around the clock.

Additionally, the Rinus team is able log any issues with LIMA, and our PULSE Monitoring solution provides visibility on any potential issues that can then be flagged and solved before they turn into problems.

An ambitious business, Rinus has major growth plans and LIMA has been able to help the team understand the vital role that technology plays and why scalable solutions are absolutely key for any investment in IT.

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Evaluating infrastructure for ongoing efficiency

With phase one of the infrastructure project complete, Rinus continues to work closely with LIMA to identify and implement the right technology to propel the business even further.

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