Breaking down technology silos to transform organisations

Computing has entered a new age with convergence, hyper-convergence and cloud-based systems management. Never has it been more important for organisations of all sizes to work with experts who can provide strategic and directional leadership through long term partnerships focused on demonstrating tangible business outcomes through the use of technology.

We strive to achieve the highest accreditations and qualifications for the products and services we sell so that our sales and technical staff sell, install and support them to the high standards our customers demand.

LIMA is a Cisco Premier Partner

Lower operating costs, increase availability, optimise network performance

Align technology to business priorities, having a better understanding of what needs to change and how to achieve transformation.

Improve operational efficiency. Simplify network management and support processes; resolve problems faster.

Enable an exceptional experience. Pre-empt potential issues by receiving predictive, actionable insight.

Complement your team's skills. Supplement your team's capabilities with flexible, customised engagement models

LIMA + WM Housing = Digital Transformation

LIMA has been alongside us throughout our journey to digital excellence. We have a great working relationship with the team and they have been a trusted partner of WM Housing Group from day one.

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Managed support services tailored to your organisation

Detection and prevention

This continuous real-time monitoring means warning signs can be spotted before a problem escalates that potentially affects the business and its customers.

Insight that feeds into strategy

Ensuring the business is at the forefront of technology innovation is key, therefore monitoring provides the critical information that allows businesses to make informed decisions about future investments and the direction the business should take from a technology perspective.

Maximise technology investment

Any investment in new technology is a risk, with significant pressure placed on CIOs to ensure the technology delivers a timely ROI. Network monitoring enables IT departments to manage and analyse new technologies, assessing performance and detecting any faults.

Whether you’re looking to improve availability, save money on internal resources or gain peace of mind from 24/7 monitoring, LIMA offers the right level of support for your organisation. 

With technology enabling employees to work more efficiently, whether that’s on the road or outside office hours, the need for 24/7 access and availability is more important than ever.

At the same time, in-house IT skills can prove expensive and difficult to obtain, so organisations are increasingly looking externally for additional resource to support their infrastructure