Cloud Transition

The key to ensuring the success of Cloud migration is in the planning


The impact of failure to properly migrate applications into the Cloud, or between Cloud services could ultimately be disrupted services, higher costs and potential loss of business.

Working to industry best practice, our professional Cloud team work with customers, offering advice and support to guide them through a smooth transition. Our structured, proven approach ensures the correct consideration is given to the complexities of each customer’s requirements and utilises tools and processes to deliver peace of mind along with technical success.

Why LIMA Cloud?

All our Cloud solutions are built on best of breed technologies by our accredited engineers working to vendor best practices.

Our Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 accreditations demonstrate that our information security processes can be counted on.

We provide ITIL Accredited support ranging from a basic ReActive helpdesk service to a 24x7 fully ProActive managed service.


Following pre-migration analysis such as our Cloud Readiness Assessment, LIMA’s Cloud team will work with you to develop a comprehensive migration roadmap for your business applications which will provide details on:

  • The migration approach

  • The phases involved

  • The new architecture

  • The technology stack

In addition, a list of potential changes to the existing applications is developed in order to fit them for a Cloud based model.


Based on a finalised architectural design encompassing security, network and platform services, LIMA will deploy one or more Cloud tenancies to facilitate them seamless migration of your business applications into the chosen Cloud service model.

The migration is executed in an iterative process based on the identified priorities and dependency mapping.

A thorough operational, stability, availability, security and performance testing is undertaken to ensure a successful application migration.

LIMA offer further services to implement the recommendations for customers