Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Public Cloud flexibility and scalability with private Cloud confidence

Our IaaS services and Self Service portal provide the availability, scale, speed, and repeatable accuracy that your business needs to increase productivity and respond quickly to business opportunities.

Why choose LIMA Infrastructure as a Service?

On-demand scalability
Scale up and down to meet business needs, seasonality or surges in demand. The on-demand availability and dynamic scaling of IaaS provides organisations with infrastructure agility to enable rapid development and deployment of new products and services, decreasing time to market and strengthening competitive advantage.

Cost saving
A pay-as-you-consume model where enterprises pay for the required resources only when they are needed dramatically reduces datacentre and hardware procurement and maintenance costs.

Availability and security
LIMA Cloud platform spans multiple government grade secure datacentres providing comprehensive layers of security, availability and access control.

Ease of use and provisioning through our Self Service Portal
Intuitive interface to provision, deploy and manage your Cloud workloads. Operational efficiency and reduced costs with automated configuration, deployment and management of Cloud workloads, storage and network services through hundreds of automation workflows and network policies. Faster time to value with real-time validation of configurations and resource assignments. Full visibility of resource utilisation and chargeback consumption reports.

Why LIMA Cloud?

All our Cloud solutions are built on best of breed technologies by our accredited engineers working to vendor best practices.

Our Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 accreditations demonstrate that our information security processes can be counted on.

We provide ITIL Accredited support ranging from a basic ReActive helpdesk service to a 24x7 fully ProActive Managed Service.

LIMA offer further services to implement the recommendations for customers