Modernising IT Infrastructure and processes in education

The right technology can remove barriers to learning

As students and staff consume IT everywhere, they need access to a consistent, personalised workspace. It’s likely that you’re already using VMware to provision virtual or remote desktops and applications, streamline management, ensure security and easily entitle end users.

VDI has proven advantages in terms of reducing capital as well as operational expenditure.  Now, academic institutions are further reducing legacy infrastructure costs and risks while improving operational efficiency with virtual compute, storage, and management in a tightly integrated software stack called hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). 

See how Hartlepool College have saved £32k a year by implementing a VDI system

Benefits of VMware powered HCI:

Easy to Manage – Integration with your existing software means that installation and configuration can be managed by your inhouse IT Manager.

Elastic Scalability –The modularity of HCI, along with the ability to utilise cloud services, means your capacity can easily grow in line with increasing demands on your IT infrastructure.

Predictable high performance – VMware are the market leader in providing reliable, high performance IT solutions, so ongoing costs are reduced.

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Hyper-converged infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure combines compute, storage and management onto industry-standard x86 servers, delivering a software defined, building-block approach to IT, lowering costs and simplifying management.


HCI powered by VMware includes:

  • VMware vSphere, the market-leading hypervisor;

  • VMware vSAN™, the software-defined enterprise storage solution;

  • VMware vCenter Server, the unified, extensible management solution

VMware powered hyper-converged infrastructure enables you to evolve without risk, reduce TCO, and scale to tomorrow.