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Thank you for joining us.

Wednesday 3rd August 2022, 6pm
The Ivy, The Pavilion, Byrom St, Manchester M3 3HG
Menu and formal invitation to follow

Private dinner and round-table discussion

“How legal leaders gain advantage from technology”
Hosted by legal IT MSP LIMA in association with Jeremy Hyman Associates. Chaired by Jeremy Hyman.

Why attend?
This small, convivial event is an ideal opportunity to network with like-minded partners from leading Manchester-area firms, while exploring proven, practical ways of using technology to improve practice performance.

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    Technology Insights for Legal Leaders: An evening for leaders to learn how to gain an advantage using technology

    Value: We seem to spend an awful lot on technology, is it worth it? We keep buying new things, but are we making the most of what we have already got?
    Areas of discussion:
    • How do we pick which projects to do, which to defer, and which to drop?
    • How do we cut through the market hype to discover what we really need?
    • How do we get better adoption from our users?
    • How do we identify what our clients want us to do?

    Worry: Top 3 things that keep managing partners awake at night and what can we do about it? it?
    Areas of discussion:
    • How do we beef-up our security?
    • How do we defend against loss of data or privacy, and reputational risk?
    • How do we reassure clients that we are secure?
    • How do we plan for the future when there is so much change?
    • Security

    • Data loss/privacy

    • Reputational risk

    • Keeping good people, attracting new people

    • Remote working

    • Better service to clients

    • Greater revenue/profit per partner

      Data: Law firms hold a huge amount of data and information but rarely extract maximum value from it or make best use of it. How do we make our data work for us?
      Areas of discussion here:
      • What is data? What is information? How do we evolve from one to the other?
      • How can we use data to gain insights and drive good behaviour?
      • How can we use data to serve clients more cheaply?
      • How can we use data to win more work?
      • Using data to gain insights and drive good behaviour

      • Linking marketing spend with results/outcomes

      • Providing insight around return on investment/measuring the benefit

        Capacity: It seems everyone is too busy to keep up with their workload. Is technology the problem or the solution?
        Areas of discussion:
        • How can we use technology to be more competitive and to provide better service to clients?
        • How can we harness technology and automation to attract and retain talent?
        • How do we know which clients are the ones most worth working for?
        • How can we use technology to boost profits?

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