LIMA’s Industry News Wrap – 15th September


LIMA’s Industry News Wrap

15th September


The LIMA team has been abuzz this week following our successful event at Ziferblat MediaCityUK on Wednesday. We’d like to say another huge thank you to everyone who attended, our speakers and the brilliant team who looked after us at the venue. We’ve got another event for LIMA’s Performance and Security Monitoring Service, PULSE, in the pipeline, so keep an eye on our events page for all of the latest updates. Until then, here are the industry news stories that have got us talking and debating in the LIMA offices this week.


Average female tech salary less than males regardless of role or experience  

Computer Weekly

We shared this article on our Twitter feed this week and got quite a response. According to research from Computer Weekly, men in the technology industry continue to earn more than women, regardless of years of experience they have. The article goes on to say that women who have less than three years’ experience are making approximately £18,000 less per year than their male counterparts. Read the full article, get angry and let’s make a change. 

GDPR: The new Kung Fu

Gary Hibberd

Did we mention we hosted a really successful event this week? One of our speakers was GDPR and cybersecurity expert, Gary Hibberd, who won the audience over with his no nonsense approach to the regulation. We particularly like Gary’s tongue-in-cheek LinkedIn article comparing the GDPR to 1970s TV classic King Fu. Random, but it works.

Should CIOs embrace green energy?


CIOs have a limited budget, with lots of existing demands on their financial resources, which means going greener could turn into a political battle. This interesting opinion piece in CIO looks at the green IT evolution and questions how much green certification is actually worth for businesses.

Facebook fined €1.2m by Spain’s data privacy regulator in stern warning ahead of GDPR

The Drum

Earlier this week, Facebook was dealt a €1.2m fine by Spain’s data privacy regulator – just months ahead of the implementation of the GDPR. This follows Facebook being hit with a similar fine by privacy regulators in France and facing increasing scrutiny from data protection bodies elsewhere across the EU-member area.

And finally...

42.4% of Americans would give up alcohol for Cybersecurity

Big Think

These infographics from Modis, using data pulled together from a range of reputable sources, demonstrate just how important privacy has become to us, with 42.4% prepared to give up alcohol to ensure they’d never get hacked again. 30% would say goodbye to social media and 29.1% would eliminate chocolate in exchange for guaranteed cybersecurity, with a frightening 3.1% declaring they would give up their significant other to prevent a hack. View the rest of the infographics for more interesting insights from the Modis research.


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Gemma Wieczorek