LIMA’s Industry News Wrap – 22nd September


LIMA’s Industry News Wrap

22nd September


It’s been another busy week in the LIMA offices and we’re especially excited to launch our new eBook, developed in partnership with NetApp, on the future of all-flash storage. Additionally, here are the industry headlines that have got our team talking and sharing thoughts and ideas this week…


IT leaders, welcome to the Dragon’s Den

Computer Business Review

The evolution of technology and its application within today’s businesses has changed the role of the IT leader exponentially. He or she is now increasingly finding themselves under pressure to deliver digital transformation, protection against rising cyber threats and improve overall employee productivity. Vice President Global Product Management at Sungard Availability Services, Stephen Coombs, discusses the newly elevated position of the IT leader and provides key advice on how they can effectively make the transition into the boardroom.

The GDPR is not all doom and gloom

Information Age

There have been so many headlines regarding the GDPR in recent months and they’re not likely to slow in the run up to the regulation becoming governed from May 2018. The team at LIMA really aren’t fans of scaremongering, which is why we particularly like articles like this one from Information Age, examining the advantages that the regulation will bring to businesses and how it can act as a vehicle for positive change.

CIO: The sacrificial lamb of the data breach

Computer Business Review

Who should take the blame when a data breach strikes? With the potential damage of a data breach so severe, shareholders are increasingly placing executives and board members in the firing line, with the CIO facing the worst consequences. However, Computer Business Review explains why all is not lost for CIOs and how, as long as the right preventative measures are taken into account, the holder of this c-suite role can avoid being dispatched with such swift vengeance.

And finally...

The union of customer and the IT service provider

Rob Skarratt, LIMA

We might be biased, but we found the article written by LIMA’s Service Delivery Manager, Rob Skarratt, particularly pertinent. Right here on the LIMA blog, Rob discusses the importance of IT service providers and customers establishing a meaningful partnership to ensure success. If you liked this, stay tuned to the blog for regular posts from Rob in the future.


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