LIMA’s Industry News Wrap – 31st October


LIMA’s Industry News Wrap

31st October


It’s been a busy month for the LIMA team with us embarking on some major projects for our clients. In addition, we’re edging ever closer to our 20th birthday! That’s right, the 2nd December marks 20 years in the technology business for Lisa, Paul and the team in Manchester and Leeds. Keep an eye on our blog for some special events that we’ll be hosting to celebrate this major milestone. Until then, here are some of the top stories from the industry that have got the team talking and debating this week.


CIO Jury: Two-thirds of tech leaders can monitor employee emails


In September, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that companies must inform employees in advance if their work email accounts are going to be monitored. Furthermore, such monitoring must not infringe upon workers’ privacy, the court ruled. TechRepublic surveyed its CIO Jury panel consisting of IT leaders from a wide variety of industries and sectors about email monitoring, asking questions around what policies, if any, are in place to monitor employee emails.

Is it time to stop blaming organisations for being breached?

Computer Weekly

It seems not a week goes by without news of a data breach hitting the headlines. The public perception is that organisation after organisation is leaving itself open to be breached in one way or another. This article discusses the ugly truth behind such data breaches and that it’s not as simple as careless organisations leaving their doors open, but in fact a complete lack of knowledge and awareness about what they’re doing.

Digital transformation ‘set to spur major IT spending’

IT Pro Portal

New research from CenturyLink has found that over half of companies are set to boost IT spending over the next year to allow them to embrace the benefits of new technology. Overall, 52% of European companies surveyed said that the next 12 months would see an increase in spending as nearly 40 per cent of companies predict that digital transformation will cause ‘major disruption’ over the next three years.

And finally...

What might your IT organisation look like in 2030?


We loved this article penned by CIO Jenny Beresford who discusses a hypothetical digital enterprise in the year 2030. What’s really interesting is how Beresford sees the role of CIO changing over the next decade into a person who’s a seasoned global executive who is able to attract, inspire and enable a pluralistic workforce of multi-talented, independent thinkers. The article goes on to provide advice for today’s CIOs and how they need to start thinking like millennials and evolve their own ethos and style sooner rather than later. 


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Gemma Wieczorek