LIMA’s Industry News Wrap – 8th September


LIMA’s Industry News Wrap

8th September


Aside from discussions about how dark it’s getting in the mornings, early Christmas decorations in the shops and our ongoing radio station battle (Heart FM being the current winner), here are the top IT news stories that caught our attention this week.  


Where does innovation belong in the IT department? 


We agree with CIO Mark Blanke who believes that, to be an innovator, an IT department needs to be engaged with the business, recommend solutions that help achieve business goals and take the lead to ensure successful implementations and operations. 

Common GDPR myths, debunked


We’ll be talking about GDPR at our PULSE event taking place at Ziferblat, MediaCity UK on the 13th September. As you know, there’s been a lot written on the subject, but we’re only interested in the facts, which is why we really like this article from Digiday putting paid to some of those scaremongering myths surrounding the regulation. 

People with non-IT backgrounds could help fill cyber security skills gap

Computer Weekly

A survey commissioned by MWR InfoSecurity of 200 senior UK IT security professionals, has revealed that 46% consider curiosity a required core skill, while 34% cite on-the-job experience as key. Is it time to stop focusing on trying to recruit graduates and instead look at those who display an active interest in cyber security and possess relevant work experience instead? 

IoT is forcing companies to get more storage


IoT devices are generating huge amounts of data and it’s leaving a mark across the enterprise IT industry. According to a report by analyst firm 451 Research, a third of organisations are planning on increasing their storage capacity in the next 12 months. Are you one of them? 

Corporations struggle to adapt internet to modern workforce needs

CIO Dive

The average employee loses an entire week per year waiting for their internet network to respond, which costs the UK economy approximately £13 million a year in lost productivity, according to a survey from Sandisk. With this in mind, we agree that keeping up with the connectivity, mobility and service demands of workers and users needs to be a priority for any company using a digital platform. 


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Gemma Wieczorek