LIMA’s Industry News Wrap


LIMA’s Industry News Wrap


Our team always keep up to date with the latest news, research and opinions from the industry, and we wanted to share some of the top stories that have got us talking in the LIMA offices this week.


GDPR will change data protection – here’s what you need to know


GDPR-related news has dominated our feeds for a while now, but this straight-talking guide from Wired’s Matt Burgess provides everything you need to know in one, easy-to-digest article. 

100% of government IT workers said employees are biggest threat to cybersecurity


As LIMA was just Lisa and I for a while, I started out doing a bit of everything. I was responsible for all administration, from creating and chasing invoices through to buying the kit that we were installing. I had to know every area of the business in those early days for everything to work effectively. As the business grew, the purchasing element of my role became more important and defined. 

UK remains strong technology M&A player despite Brexit


I do have a routine in terms of what I know has to be done each day – this involves negotiating the best prices and placing orders for equipment, which sees me liaising with multiple suppliers and vendors throughout the day. Of course, there are ad hoc queries that I deal with throughout the day, which could be anything from a change to the way something is going to be sold, or a change in process.

Almost one-third of IT workers think they need more training to enhance career

Computer Weekly

I think LIMA’s personal approach has been a big driver for our success. We started out as personable business focused on developing relationships and delivering the best service. Although the plan has always been to keep growing, we’ve managed to stay consistent in this approach and our customers appreciate that familiarity.

CIOs say salary demands are top barrier in hiring tech talent

CIO Dive

This interesting research piece, reported by CIO Dive, states that 40% of the 2,500 tech leaders that were surveyed by Robert Half Technology say salary demands – specifically, an inability to meet them – is the top barrier to securing the best IT job candidates. 


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