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CIO Special


The role of the CIO has evolved significantly in recent years and now requires individuals to think more strategically to guide a business into the digital future. It’s become the CIO’s job to ensure companies effectively obtain, use and transport data, as well as help leaders make better decisions. This week, we’re dedicating our industry news wrap to the latest news stories relating to CIOs and the vital role they play within today’s businesses.


Why isn’t the CIO in the boardroom?


The Forbes Technology Council looks at why, when members of the C-suite convene to talk about the impact of new digital initiatives and options, they don’t invite the CIO to the party. It discusses why businesses must change boardroom dynamics to embrace the growing role of the CIO. Additionally, the article discusses what CIOs can do to make sure they’re taken seriously, including talking the C-level talk and outlining the broader strategic technology vision and how that aligns with corporate goals.

4 questions CIOs should ask (but aren’t)

CMS Wire

It’s a fact that CIOs are challenged to stay on top of new emerging technologies and identify what’s right for their organisation. Additionally, they face the constant challenge to bridge the gap between IT and business in an age of digital transformation. One of the biggest challenges for a CIO is asserting themselves as a strategic partner for the business rather than just serving as a utility. CMS Wire highlights the four key questions CIOs need to be asking (and the reasons why) in order to get it right.

How 13 CIOs are communicating IT to the board


According to PwC, 47% of CIOs feel they add value to the business, with CIOs now taking the opportunity to teach board executives the word ‘digital’. They’re certainly in an ideal position to influence executives on the technical changes that are being made at the company. CIO UK shares the comments from the 2017 CIO 100 executives on how they are communicating IT to the board and improving digital literacy within their organisations.

And finally...

How to become a CIO


For aspiring CIOs, CIO UK offers advice on how to develop a career in enterprise IT and how to get to the C-suite. These 22 essential tips include information on how to sell yourself and your skills correctly, the importance of building a social media presence and why you should always look outside of IT at the bigger business picture.


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