Ralph's 100lb Challenge


Ralph's 100lb Challenge


Our latest fundraising challenge has begun. Ralph Hollingworth, our Compliance Coordinator, is on a mission to lose 100lb by the end of 2018. This challenge comes with purpose, sentiment and sheer determination.

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PAPYRUS is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide. PAPYRUS offers HOPELINEUK, a confidential helpline if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, or if you’re worried about a friend, colleague, or family member. Our helpline advisors will listen to you and work to help you stay safe, over the phone or via text and email. PAPYRUS also works with organisations across the UK offering suicide prevention training, with communities in the UK and campaigns to change national policy. 

Find out more about their mission here: www.papyrus-uk.org

Unfortunately, after suffering from a couple of lengthy injury layoffs, Ralph was forced to give up playing rugby at the age of 31. Since saying goodbye to his rugby playing days, Ralph has struggled to maintain his weight, causing him to suffer terribly from osteoarthritis.

This painful joint disease hasn’t wavered Ralph's spirit though and there is little he won’t participate in, especially if it involves a boogie in a Tiki Bar on a work night out. However, a knee replacement is in order and before an orthopaedic surgeon will operate, Ralph has been informed that he will need to lose some weight otherwise the knee replacement could fail.

Ralph began his challenge on the 7th March 2018, weighing in at 25st 4lb. Four weeks have passed and with 19lb already lost, he is well on the way to completing the challenge.

This is a big challenge, one that needs support, praise and encouragement throughout. As an additional motivation for Ralph, he has decided to combine his weight loss goals with fundraising for a charity that is very close to his heart, as well as LIMA’s.

All fundraising will be donated to PAPYRUS.


We have set up a fundraising page for Ralph- www.givepenny.com/lima_marketing_fundraising

Click the link to show your support, offer words of encouragement and donate those all so important pennies.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the scores on the doors.

Becky Clayton