LIMA’s star continues to rise


LIMA’s star continues to rise


We were recently delighted to find ourselves recognised in CRN’s Rising Stars: The Next 100.  The rundown of the up and coming UK VARs, managed services providers and IT consultancies reports that:

Businesses that show the right foresight, put the customer and their needs first, truly add value and focus on relevance, and ultimately aren’t afraid to lead will be the champions of tomorrow.

A new feedback feature

Putting customers first isn’t new to LIMA, however we recently have launched a new feature to allow customers to provide feedback on every service ticket raised.  Now, when we complete a ticket, the customer will receive a one question survey in the form of three smiley faces – they simply click on the pone that represents their perception of the quality of service received.  Customers are also able to leave a more detailed comment to explain the reasons behind the review.

Service delivery improvement is an ongoing process, so this continuous feedback will provide us with the empirical evidence we need to show where we are succeeding and where we need to invest further.  LIMA’s Quality team monitors responses, where appropriate passing on thanks to individual Service Desk team members as well as promptly responding to any concerns that have been raised.

This is the latest in a roll out of features to enhance our service delivery.  The LIMA portal, launched in January, allows customers to raise support tickets, see the status of all current service tickets, all communication with the investigating engineers and historic service tickets.  The portal provides the most effective way to log a support ticket with us as tickets are automatically routed to the most appropriate engineer. 


The Rising Stars: The Next 100 report goes on to say:

"There has been no shortage of internal challenges for VARs either, such as the continuing transfer from capex to opex to more recently, on-demand based models, as customers opt for a more flexible and scalable approach focused on business outcomes.

Maintaining these new technologies also raises the skills gap issue as the rate of technical development is far outpacing the skills being taught. However, the channel is reacting vigorously, implementing aggressive strategies to recruit staff and properly train existing ones, as they strive to address the lack of internal industry training."

It’s true to say that the past 12 months have been a period of rapid change within LIMA.  The re-launch last month of our range of Cloud Services was the culmination of a project which reviewed, realigned and rejuvenated our understanding of where we fit in the market and the real value of LIMA’s consultative, service driven approach to our customers.  The reception we had at IP Expo was enthusiastic with prospects talking to us about the challenges their organisations face and openly seeking solutions like ours that span the on-prem-cloud spectrum.

We’re optimistic that next year will see us rising further up the CRN rankings, providing great customer service and leading technical solutions.

Becky Clayton