The Peel Group


The Peel Group is one of the UK’s foremost privately owned investment enterprises, embracing a broad range of sectors - land and property; transport and logistics; retail and leisure; energy and media.

Peel’s extensive direct and indirect investments extend to 9 million square feet of investment property. Concentrated on Northwest England, Peel also own and manage significant assets in the Clyde, Yorkshire and the Medway in Kent, this is over 13,000 hectares of land. Peel’s business model includes the procurement, project management and development of land before it is sold to third parties.

LIMA + Peel = Consistent IT availability

LIMA has shown integrity and respect which has fostered a relationship of trust between the two companies, resulting in confidence in LIMA’s ability to deliver a broad range of Technical Services and Solutions, including fully Managed Support and Monitoring Service. Our working partnership has assisted with significantly increasing our return on investment, the capability and capacity of our systems.
— John Armitage, Group IT Director

Results at a glance

ProActive Managed Service 24/7

PULSE Performance Monitoring

PULSE Security Monitoring

Change and Release Management

On-site Engineering resource

Service Delivery Management

Delivering our Four-Cornered Methodology


Understanding specific challenges

The project based business model has its own challenges especially for the IT team. Peel found themselves employing an ever fluctuating number of technical engineers on short term contracts which increased the administration tasks for the IT Management team and presented scheduling challenges to provide 24/7 support, holiday and sickness cover. Therefore, the decision was made to align themselves to a flexible IT partner with whom they could build a long term relationship.

The requirements were to mitigate the challenges of peaks and troughs in IT activity, IT strategy and solutions must be scalable, resilient and meet their budget expectations.

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Identifying the right technology

LIMA have been Peel’s incumbent Solution and Services provider of choice since 2007 and have provided consultancy services for the design and deployment of their IT strategy for all their ventures detailed above. LIMA provides a ProActive 24/7 Managed Service which includes an on-site engineering resource for Peel Holdings or via a flexible business model for their new ventures dependent on their specific requirements.

Upon the completion and launch of Media City, Manchester, LIMA were awarded the contract to supply 24/7 onsite support for employees and guests. Peel’s responsibility is to provide support services for 12 months following each of their phased launches and this has been outsourced to LIMA with any level 3 or 4 incidents being escalated to our Service Desk.

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Providing the right support

Improved performance and availability

We monitor systems to ensure issues don’t become incidents, maintaining effective operation, dramatically decreasing the risk of downtime and providing insights to help improve IT processes.

More time to focus on your organisation

With LIMA actively monitoring and supporting the infrastructure, Peel’s IT team can focus on developing their third party applications to increase business efficiency and return on investment.

Long term fixed cost

Maintaining budgets is an ongoing challenge, ProActive provides you with the peace of mind that your infrastructure is supported at an agreed annual cost.

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