Active Support services to complement your IT team


Active Support offers a suite of support options that are designed to complement the needs of your ICT team. Ranging from a fully ProActive Managed Service offering to a ReActive 4th line support facility, we are perfectly placed to assist you.

LIMA’s Service Desk uses ITIL practices to focus on aligning IT services with the needs of your business, utilising fully accredited service desk analysts to deliver excellence.


Choose which is best for you?  

ProActive Support

Why go ProActive?

Focus on strategy accelerating business outcomes

Accelerate resolution by utilising a team of subject matter experts

Maximise your investment by ensuring stability and improvements with regular release management

Minimise risk with controlled change management and execution

Proactively plan utilising PULSE Performance and capacity management trending

Reduce downtime with ProActive PULSE Monitoring


ProActive Support

Utilise your in-house ICT team to gain competitive market advantage whilst LIMA ProActively manages and maintains your infrastructure.

All about ProActive Support

Proactive Support is a premium fully managed service delivered by LIMA’s highly-skilled Service Desk team.

With Proactive support, you are assured that we will provide an exceptional level of technical expertise 24/7, providing you with the peace of mind that your critical services are always available.

Your aligned Service Delivery Manager will proactively review your service SLAs, ensuring key deliverables are consistently met.

ReActive Support

Why go ReActive?

Increase productivity within your own IT team

Accelerate resolution by utilising a team of subject matter experts

Minimise risk with access to change advisory board

Reduce downtime with PULSE Monitoring and comprehensive alerting


ReActive Support

Service uptime is now an expectation. With rapidly changing technologies experience and expert knowledge is imperative. It is essential your ICT team is able to escalate incidents to a team of subject matter experts who can accelerate resolution.

All about ReActive support

Reactive Support is a premium service delivered by LIMA’s highly-skilled Service Desk team.

With ReActive support, exceptional expertise is on hand 24/7 providing you with an escalation response to incidents and problems to ensure quicker restoration of service.  

Coupled with this, LIMA provides access to its Change Advisory Board to assess changes to your infrastructure, therefore minimising your risk.  

The Service desk at LIMA is genuinely an extension of your business.

“LIMA was amazing and helped our company get back up and running.”

Toni Duckworth
Whitehall Group (UK) Limited



Support tailored to you

LIMA is a highly skilled and experienced Support provider. Using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology LIMA can adapt its Active Services to whatever suits your business’ requirements, allowing you to make decisions around how much day-to-day responsibility you undertake for your environment. From a ProActive Premium Managed Service to ReActive Responsive escalation when your IT team requires it.


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