Security as a Service for complete peace of mind

PULSE Security is a comprehensive, effective service that can minimise security risks and identify vulnerabilities. It provides 24/7 security monitoring for greater peace of mind

Why choose PULSE Security?

Complete insight

Instantly, all on one screen

Constantly updated

Provides insights on the latest threats

Fast threat detection

With 24/7 monitoring and alerts

Completely compliant

For easier regulatory audits

Supportive service

From experts who’ve been keeping business secure for 20+ years

Comprehensive SIEM solution

Amalgamate SIEM and log management capabilities


Facilitates The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and PCI DSS enablement

What can you expect?

Onboarding service

Centralised log management

Security breach identification

24/7 monitoring and alerting

Intrusion detection alerts

Vulnerability reports

IT compliance management report

File integrity monitoring

Facilitate GDPR compliance

Threat Advisory

Threat mitigation

Discover what's possible

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