Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Save time and money with Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Looking for a complete IT Infrastructure solution that’s simple to deploy and manage? LIMA design and deliver Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions that deliver consolidation, performance and scalability while simplifying ongoing management.

Hyper-converged infrastructure combines compute, storage and management onto industry-standard x86 servers, delivering a software defined, building-block approach to IT.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) takes the separate commodity hardware elements - compute, storage, networking and hypervisor - and condenses them into dedicated nodes/appliances that easily scale as the resourcing needs increase and most importantly adds a software defined layer to all elements creating automation and orchestration across the entire platform.

Typically, HCI takes a module-based approach where the platform is first sized based on the immediate requirements and additional nodes procured as required.  Additional nodes provide an increase to the specific resources that need expanding.

HCI evolves the way that compute, storage, and management are delivered and provisioned to help you to:

  • Cut operational and capital costs. In the right environment, HCI can reduce costs by up to 50%.

  • Increase information technology (IT) and business agility

  • Improve application performance.

Typically, HCI is deployed as a hybrid solution alongside the existing legacy platform and expands as the company transitions into cloud/hybrid cloud platforms.

Despite being an on-prem solution, HCI is most definitely a step towards a cloud ethos.  For organisations developing a cloud-first or cloud ready strategy, the software defined principles of HCI make it a logical consideration as workloads come up for review.

What can you expect?

HCI grows with you

Get compute, storage and networking designed to scale up as your business grows

Easy to manage

Let the technology do the work, with an automated ‘out of the box’ solution with minimal requirement for specialist knowledge

Saves money

A carefully tailored HCI will be cost effective to deploy compared to standard or converged infrastructure


Hyper Converged Infrastructure to suit your business

Whatever you want to achieve, LIMA can create an HCI solution to suit your business, your aspirations and your budget using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology

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Deliver faster business outcomes by leveraging pre-integrated, validated converged infrastructure

Want to transform your data centre, reduce costs and drive efficiencies? Transform your infrastructure with unified validated converged solutions designed and delivered by LIMA. Powerful, adaptable and guaranteed, these customisable approaches to unified infrastructure will save you time, reducing complexity and costs.

Why take a closer look at FlexPod converged infrastructure solutions?

Accelerate your time to market

Integrated automation and orchestration tools


Respond quickly to changing business demands

Best in class, optimised solutions

Covers networking, computing and storage services

Single point of support

Talk to us, and we’ll get it fixed – you save time and hassle managing multiple vendors

What can you expect?

Feature-rich NetApp®

Cisco UCS

Component level scale

Collaborative support across the stack

Multi Hypervisor support

Converged solutions tailored to your specific requirements

LIMA will tailor the technology that suits your business needs, ambitions and budget using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology – your new unified converged infrastructure will be the perfect fit today and tomorrow


Let’s talk about your infrastructure requirements

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