Enterprise Mobility Management

Manage corporate devices, apps and BYO devices securely with Enterprise Mobility Management

Want to know you can wipe devices in an instant after loss or theft? Need the peace of mind of sandboxed, secure access to business data and apps? Know your people want the flexibility to use their own devices? LIMA can tailor an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that’s perfect for your business.


How can a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform support you?

Allows secure mobile access to corporate services and data

On corporate phones and tablets, and BYOD

Offers the ability to control what users can – and can’t – do with apps, devices and data

Gives you the peace of mind of instant remote wipe

Create and publish corporate apps to your users

Integrate across a range of devices and platforms

For a single, unified remote access experience


What can you expect?

Integrate with Microsoft Azure, Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View

Deactivate lost, stolen or breached devices in a couple of clicks

Sandbox, control and secure access to data and apps

Full support for Android, IOS and Windows devices

Configure and secure corporate devices or give your user the flexibility to use their own devices securely


Who powers our mobile device management solutions?


Mobile device management that’s tailored to your business

Whether you utilise Android, iOS, or Windows using corporate or BYO devices, LIMA can tailor the technology that suit your business needs, ambitions and budget using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology.



Let’s talk about how mobile management could work for you

Data Collaboration

Efficient, secure data collaboration with Citrix ShareFile

WShare files internally, and externally, efficiently and securely with full visibility and auditing. Discover Citrix ShareFile, the customisable data collaboration suite. ShareFile is an Enterprise file sharing and synchronisation platform that enables users to access, share and collaborate documents and data easily, using any device, on or offline.


How can Citrix ShareFile data collaboration support your business?

Centralise all your files in a secure controlled platform

That offers complete traceability

Get complete control and auditability

Know and manage who’s accessing what and when

Save time and effort organisation-wide

With easy management, intuitive interface and comprehensive version control

Adaptable, scalable and flexible

Supports internal and external sharing, BYOD and corporate devices

Simple to manage and use

Easy to integrate

Leverage existing document repositories, servers or sharing tools


What can you expect?

Can be on-premises or cloud-based to suit your needs

Access full reporting capabilities on who has accessed, deleted or shared documents

Share documents with an unlimited number of users

Integrate with Office 365 services

Set access cut-offs – for example, share a file with a client for 14 days only



Data Collaboration that’s tailored to your business needs

Whether you need to collaborate with your clients or empower your users to work smarter, LIMA will deliver the right solutions. Our experts can tailor the technology to suit your business needs, aspirations and budget using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology  – we’ll make sure you have the solution, the security and the flexibility you need.



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End User Computing

Deliver greater flexibility without compromising security with Innovative End User Computing solutions

Enable mobile working and user flexibility, whilst ensuring security and compliance controls. LIMA can engineer an End User Computing solution that delivers desktop, data and applications securely from anywhere and any device. Streamline desktop management, application deployment and updates through a centralised easy to manage solution.


How can an End User Computing solution support you business?

Respond to business demands and changes

With rapid provisioning and on-demand, secure, anywhere access to applications and desktops

Consolidate control, delivery and protection

For a great end user experience and flexibility without compromising security

Know data is secure

Secure access to corporate data and applications while addressing privacy, compliance, and risk management

Save time and money

Reduce complexity and cost by centralising apps and desktop management, automating common tasks

Empower your people

By enabling BYOD and user mobility, which mets corporate standards, data security requirements and enhances productivity


What can you expect?

Users can securely use any device they want, including their own smartphones and tablets

Centralised, simplified provisioning and updates of desktops and applications reducing complexity and cost

Data is centrally stored, conforming to even the most stringent organisational governance and security policies

Flexible desktop and app delivery architecture adapts and delivers the right experience every time


End User Computing to suit your business

Whatever your requirements, LIMA can tailor the technology to suit your business needs, aspirations and budget using our unique Four-Cornered Methodology. We’ll make sure you have the security and the flexibility you need.



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