Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Improve application performance and availability whilst reducing WAN costs

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology is reshaping the modern enterprise network by providing improved performance, reduced costs and enhanced security.  It has arisen as the WAN's response to the migration of enterprise apps to the cloud. As the march of enterprise apps to the cloud gathers momentum, so too does SD-WAN.

LIMA’s SD-WAN solutions combine real-time path selection, edge routing, stateful firewall, end-to-end QoS and WAN optimisation, delivering the reliability and efficiency your business demands, while reducing ongoing costs.

Whether accessing SaaS applications, virtualised desktops, public Clouds, enterprise Cloud applications or traditional datacentres, our SD-WAN solutions ensure an always-on, high-quality experience and a simpler, more agile branch network.

LIMA’s SD-WAN solution addresses:

  • Security requirements related to web and internet applications
  • Complexity associated with interconnecting multiple transport types (MPLS, Ethernet, internet, leased lines, DSL, LTE)
  • The need for better analytics and visibility into applications and resources delivered by the network
  • Management of consistent user experience for onsite enterprise apps and off-premise cloud applications
  • In-house management of enterprise WAN networks
  • Cost-effective delivery of SaaS and other cloud services across the WAN
  • Growing annual costs associated with the provision of additional bandwidth
  • Audits and compliance relating to the network
  • Management of connectivity at remote branch offices
  • Appliance sprawl at the WAN edge
  • Time relating to the provision of new services to a site

SD-WAN Use Cases and Benefits

SD-WAN helps enterprises to achieve dynamic alignment between business strategy, application policy and WAN configuration.

Seamless, secure cloud connectivity

SD-WAN enables dynamic policy-based routing for all application traffic across any cloud.  In its absence, connecting users securely to public cloud apps is complex and expensive.  

Secure segmentation of enterprise assets

With SD-WAN, mission-critical traffic and assets can be partitioned and protected against vulnerabilities in other parts of the enterprise. This use case is proving to be especially popular in verticals such as retail, healthcare and finance. 

Application SLA resiliency

SD-WAN enables the enterprise to identify and set up application specific policies and SLA criteria around attributes such as latency, jitter and loss. If a specific link carrying application traffic goes down, the traffic is automatically routed over another link to preserve the SLA.

LIMA’s SD-WAN solutions improve application performance and availability, enhance user experience and reduce WAN cost