Accelerating and simplifying threat detection


LIMA is partnered with one of the industry’s leading providers of Unified Security Management (USM) services, AlienVault.



As an AlienVault Premier MSSP Partner, LIMA's qualified implementation and service desk engineers have access to the best threat detection tools that help in delivering our market-leading fully Managed Service. AlienVault accelerates and simplifies threat detection, incident response and compliance management for more than 5,000 customers across the globe.  

Developed primarily for small to medium sized enterprises that can’t afford or don’t have the time and resources to invest in round-the-clock staff, expensive training or engineer certification, AlienVault’s award-winning products have been designed and priced accordingly, ensuring all organisations have access to world-class security.


AlienVault’s recent awards and recognition include


Get ready for GDPR with LIMA and AlienVault


LIMA’s Managed Service that utilises AlienVault USM will help businesses prepare to meet GDPR compliance requirements quickly and easily, thanks to its security monitoring and compliance management across cloud and on-premises infrastructure within one solution. 

Are you ready for the GDPR? Download AlienVault’s GDPR Compliance Checklist today to make sure your business is prepared.