For Brabners, time means money: LIMA implemented a highly available and resilient data centre architecture including backup technology to achieve ambitious recovery objectives. Ongoing 24/7 support provides continued peace of mind.

Active since 1772, Brabners LLP is a leading North West law firm that offers a full range of commercial advice including corporate, property, litigation, sports and employment. With a rich heritage, prestige and trusted reputation, it’s vital that Brabners continues to provide class-leading services for its enterprise-grade clients across the globe. To achieve this, a robust IT infrastructure is required to ensure maximum availability and resilience around the clock.
Key challenges
  • Need for a stable platform
  • Infrastructure improvements for future business growth

Technology solutions
  • NetApp & VMWare SRM
  • NetApp FlexPod
  • NetApp SnapMirror/SnapVault
  • Veeam
  • Backup Exec
  • Cisco ASA FirePOWER
  • LogicMonitor
  • VMware vRealise
  • LIMA PROACTIV and ACTIV 24/7 Managed Support Services

Results at a glance
  • Zero unplanned downtime in five years
  • Full estate resiliency through active data centre
  • Increased productivity through automation and improved processes
  • Future-proofing the business by helping to deliver on strategy

“In LIMA, we found a solid partner who was able to act as an extension of our team and help us deliver our vision for the business. Together, we were able to move our systems to a more stable platform and put in place the necessary infrastructure that has enabled Brabners to achieve zero unplanned downtime over the last five years.”

Nick Goodall, Infrastructure Architect & IT Manager, Brabners

Establishing priorities
A rapidly growing business with more than 400 users, including a team of fee earners working 24/7, Brabners places a huge reliance on the stability of its IT infrastructure and the availability of data and systems.

With a clear strategy encapsulating projects to maximise efficiency and deliver a clear return on investment, Brabners required a technology partner to act as an extension of its team to ensure all aspects could be delivered in the short and long-term.

The main priority was the need for a stable platform which would scale with the business and support growth. We also needed to be mindful that any loss in downtime would lead to a loss of business.

Delivering critical stability
Brabners’ first priority was to move to a platform that provided stability across the entire estate. LIMA worked with Nick and the team to implement a true active-active data centre, based on FlexPod, for rapid data retrieval and full resiliency, eliminating any single point of failure.

Additionally, Brabners opted for managed core systems that encapsulated compute, storage, networking and virtualisation, which provided maximum stability, reliability and 100% uptime.

New backup systems were put in place to help Brabners achieve RTO and RPO, with LIMA also working alongside the business to assist with its defence-in-depth strategy and implement leading security solutions.

Around the clock support
It’s vital that Brabners’ systems are covered around the clock with the right level of IT support. LIMA provides 24/7 ACTIV and PROACTIV Managed Support Services to deliver peace of mind for users, allowing the team to focus on business critical projects.

Additionally, LIMA has implemented a live monitoring environment for Brabners’ infrastructure, allowing Nick and his team to proactively troubleshoot issues before they arise.

The importance of partnership
LIMA continues to work in partnership with Brabners, acting as an extension to the team on projects aligned with the strategy. From planned, scheduled maintenance for hardware and software patching, through to bigger projects such as the recent transition of physical files to digital.

With its solid digital transformation strategy and partnerships with progressive companies like LIMA, Brabners remains at the forefront of technological innovation in its sector.

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