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Solutions / Resilience


In a fast-changing digital economy, LIMA’s cyber security experts help you minimise risk, ensure the smooth running of your business and enjoy total peace of mind.

Our approach is grounded in your business reality and attuned to all aspects of the changing threat landscape, from new attack vectors and hacking tactics to the challenges posed by remote working.

Our cyber security services help you to:

Understand who currently accesses your data, and how

Prioritise the most valuable or vulnerable areas of your infrastructure

Ensure security updates happen reliably and efficiently

Keep data protected during transfer

Embed resilience at a technical level in business-critical areas

Harness the power of cloud-based backup

Proactively assess and manage security risks

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches

Guarantee your business meets industry regulations and compliance

Find out how we can make your business more cyber-secure

  • "LIMA took the time to understand our business and infrastructure to provide the right solutions and support we needed." - Head of IT
    Comfy Quilts
  • I don't see how we could have delivered this project without a knowledgeable and committed solutions partner like LIMA. Tim Mullan | Gloucestershire NHS

Over 25 years delivering value as the IT partner of choice for the UK’s most ambitious organisations

Broad IT skills across multiple technologies to provide the best solutions for public and private sectors

Proven track-record of IT deployment across industry

A forward-thinking IT partner combining insight, expertise and technology to deliver sustainable results

We do whatever it takes to help achieve resilience, optimisation and growth through technology

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