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How to positively impact your IT capability – The Peel Group.

The Peel Group is an ambitious regeneration business, established in 1972, they are responsible for some of the most transformational projects in the UK. They own and manage 12 million sq ft of property and 20,000 acres of land and water with a total portfolio value of 2.6 billion.

LIMA supported our move to the cloud by undertaking a full assessment of our data centre, they analysed our requirements and proposed a strategy and approach to our migration… Overall, a great team and an intelligent methodology, resulting in a fantastic technology solution for both our current and future needs.”

John Armitage, IT Director at The Peel Group

The Peel Group is an agile and ambitious business with a legacy of success for a long-term, sustainable future.
The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced the need for remote connectivity and the imminent need for The Peel Group’s staff to be able to work flexibly, a feature which their current IT infrastructure could not efficiently support.

Their recent growth saw them relocate offices and with that change, they needed to move an IT strategy that was flexible and scalable, that would allow them to pivot quickly to adapt to change in market demands.

By partnering with LIMA, The Peel Group had access to skilled experts – from cyber security, modern workplace to cloud environments.

LIMA implemented secure, agile and scalable technologies, applying insight to deliver ‘as-a-service’ solutions that solved the organisation’s challenges.

Challenges addressed

Their original IT solution was built upon rigid infrastructure that no longer met the business’s needs due to its age and lack of flexibility. The new solution addressed the following challenges:

  • Due to the office relocation, they faced the potential of having to invest in their infrastructure significantly to relocate their on-premise data centre and therefore, they were open to ideas on how to avoid this.

  • The Peel Group also wanted to reduce the amount of office space that their on-premise data centre solution used to facilitate flexible working.

  • The changing market landscape uncovered a growing need for their IT infrastructure to be agile and their current infrastructure didn’t allow them to scale and adapt when needed.

  • The organisation needed to adopt an Opex cost model to enable them to align spend with IT consumption. Ultimately, delivering a ‘pay as you grow’ model for the business.

The deliverables

LIMA conducted a Cloud Readiness Assessment for The Peel Group to determine the most suitable cloud solution to meet the business needs and desired outcomes.

Through this they were able to understand which cloud platform was most suitable for each application and workload. The Assessment provided a full Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis to demonstrate the cloud consumption costs over five years, enabling full visibility and control around budgeting. After careful analysis, LIMA proposed migrating the entire application set to a mixture of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

LIMA was also able to assist them in developing a business case to present to board members for the full cloud migration with the added TCO analysis, using LIMA’s Cloud Readiness Assessment as support and justification.

Project objectives

The objectives set up at the beginning of the project were clear, The Peel Group wanted an agile solution that enabled access to applications from anywhere, a robust disaster recovery solution and business continuity capability, without the need to deploy physical infrastructure and a costly data centre build.

The solution had to mitigate risk for the organisation against future external pressures such as the pandemic.

The organisation also needed to ensure data security and compliance.

Benefits and outcomes

Although The Peel Group’s journey to the cloud is still ongoing, they have already seen several beneficial outcomes as a result of partnering with LIMA.

The initial benefits achieved are:

  • A reduction in upfront investment in new hardware and a new data centre.
  • A reduction in ongoing support costs and a consumption based model implemented.
  • The ability to onboard new acquisitions and offboard sold businesses easily.
  • Increased data security and compliance.

LIMA and The Peel Group are now working in partnership to introduce LIMA Cloud Optimise into their cloud strategy which will ensure they are maximising the value of their cloud environment and gaining transparent control over costs.

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