Shelter Cymru selects LIMA to deliver their digital strategy   
Whilst helping thousands affected by thie housing emergency, Shelter Cymru faced IT hurdles, prompting a partnership with LIMA for cloud migration, cost savings, and improved data management.
How should you respond to recent cyber-incidents? 
In this blog, we look into what immediate actions are required and how LIMA can help businesses become and remain secure and resilient. With the ever-present and growing threat of cyber-attacks, these issues affect all sectors.
The VDR ‘mantra’ is Review. Reveal. Resolve and in this blog, we look at how it works and why it makes such a difference.
The Power of S: Security, Simplicity, Sustainability & Savings
In this blog, we discuss how we've been working with NetApp to unlock more, and outline how LIMA's cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions can strengthen your business.
Why you can’t afford not to have immutable backup…
Discover 5 essential ways your business can benefit from immutable backups, no matter your sector. Our latest blog post explains how LIMA’s advanced BaaS solution can help your business increase its data protection while easily meeting certification criteria.
The Evolution of BaaS: Key Things to Know
Prepare for the future of BaaS with our new blog post, which explains key developments observed by our team of experts. Discover what the future holds for Backups and keep your business one step ahead.
Why vulnerability detection and remediation is needed for customers
In this blog, we will discuss the need for adopting a reputable Vulernability Detection and Remedation (VDR) service and the advantages of doing so.
Five shocking statistics that will make you rethink your disaster recovery plans
Our new blog post breaks down five shocking statistics that emphasise the need of having a strong disaster recovery plan, and outlines the steps you can take to protect your organisation.
Strengthening Ransomware Capabilities: Insights and Strategies for Enhanced Resilience
This piece delves into the valuable insights derived from Capametix ransomware assessments completed at today’s Infosecurity event. 
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